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גב התחתון ואגן

פתלוגיה איבחון טיפול

There are 4-5 common shoulder conditions that patients present with in clinic.  Understanding the anatomy of the shoulder and how it has evolved to meet the functional demands of modern Man makes diagnosis of these conditions much easier.


In the theoretical section of this workshop we will review the shoulder's embryology, evolution, anatomy, physiology and pathology.  


In the practical section we will review examination, special tests and treatment. 


Understanding the functional demands of each structure within the shoulder makes diagnosis much easier. The aim of this workshop is to deepen understanding of the shoulder and the most common shoulder conditions that clients present with, in order to successfully diagnose and treat patients suffering from shoulder pain.


The workshop will review the structure of the shoulder and its relationship with the scapula, neck, spine and pelvis.


We will look at the development of the shoulder embryologically and evolutionary in order to understand how the shoulder has adapted to Man's changing environment.


There will be more than 1-hour practical session for learning techniques, treating shoulder problems, improving palpatory skills, and learning diagnostic tests.


The lecture will be in 2 parts:

1. Theory ~ 45 minutes.

2. Practical ~1:15 hour


At the end of the lecture you will:

1.  Understand the structure and function of the shoulder.

2. Be able to differentiate between common shoulder conditions.

3. Learn new techniques for treating and managing shoulder pain.



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