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Balancing Act: The Frontal Bone's Crucial Role in Ear Health and Cranial Symmetry

Plagiocephaly, characterized by asymmetrical head shape, can lead to cranial changes due to sustained pressure on the developing skull. This pressure alters the growth patterns, causing the frontal bone to protrude forward, resulting in frontal bossing, while also affecting the position and shape of the orbits, contributing to orbital changes. Furthermore, as the frontal bone articulates with the sphenoid bones, any alterations in its structure or movement can impact the Eustachian tube, potentially leading to Eustachian tube dysfunction. Understanding these complex interrelations is essential for osteopaths in diagnosing and effectively treating cranial dysfunctions to restore balance and alleviate associated symptoms in patients. #palmm #cranialosteopathy #otitismedia #classicalosteopathy #paediatricosteopathy #onlinecourse

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