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Professional Consultation

  • Confused by patients reactions to treatment?

  • Facing ethical issues at work?

  • Feeling burnt out?

  • Want to understand your role better as a practitioner?


Working with patients can bring up all manner of challenges including clinical, ethical and personal difficulties. When this happens, having someone neutral to talk to is an effective way to help solve the problem. PALMM has experienced consultants with different backgrounds to suit the needs of the practitioner.


Professional consultation is an opportunity to discuss and reflect on one's work with an experienced practitioner who has most likely faced similar problems and who has been trained in working with unconscious dynamics that are at play in treatment.


Professional consultation is designed to help the practitioner discuss problems in a safe environment to allow the practitioner and consultant to talk freely.


Professional consultation can also be used to discuss difficult medical cases where the practioner is unsure which avenue to pursue.


Professional consultation can be organised as single sessions or a series of sessions depending on the practitioner's needs.    


Professional consultation can be conducted in person, phone or internet.

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