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Other Services Offered by PALMM


PALMM offers workshops on all topics relating to manual medicine. Click here for a list of workshops available at PALMM.

Webinar Lectures

PALMM offers some lectures on webinar. Sign up to our mailing list (bottom of page) to keep informed.

Professional consultation

Professional consultation is an opportunity for practitioners to discuss clinical, ethical or personal issues that affect their work. Consultation sessions can be conducted either face-to-face, phone or internet. Strict confidentiality will be observed at all times. Click to read more.

Group Consultation

Group consultations consist of 4-6 practitioners meeting with a consultant in regular meetings. Group consultations rely on participants to work together. The purpose of these meetings is for the group to work together to uncover issues and better understand clinical, psychological and inter-personal relationship problems that members face in work.

If you have any questions contact us.

Webinar Question & Answer

Webinar Q&A is an opportunity for practitioners to ask questions relating to manual medicine and get feedback from experienced practitioners. Webinars are offerred by PALMM at no charge. Sign up to our mailing list (bottom of page).

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