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This 2 day workshop is designed to give manual therapists the knowledge and the tools to treat women who are either preparing for birth or are after birth.


Care of the infant and pregnant mother are tantamount when treating conditions related to pregnancy. Any pratitioner hoping to work in the field of obstetrics needs to know all apects from the anatomical and physiological changes during pregnancy to labour and aftercare. The manual practitioner must be as knowlegable about birth as any other primary health care practitioner and this course aims to fulfill that goal.



At the end of this workshop you will understand:

  • Physiological and antomical changes of pregnancy.

  • Development of the baby in the uterus.

  • Labour & its complications.

  • Medical intervention during pregnancy & labour.

  • The affects of labour on the pelvis.

  • Case-History taking for the pregnant woman.

  • Assessment and diagnosis of pregnancy-related pain.

  • Treatment of pregnancy-related pain.



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