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The knee joint has the almost impossible job description of providing two opposite functions -  mobility and stability.  It both propels the leg forward and maintains a stable lower limb.  For this reason it has structures unique only to the knee such as the meniscus, sesamoid patella and cruciate ligaments.


This ingenius structure, designed  for division of labour, comes at a price however with meniscal tears, bursitis and osteoarthritis.


In this workshop we will delve into the structure of the knee and understand the way that the structures of the knee function to cope with the task.  Once the design is understood, diagnosis becomes much easier for the practitioner.


Workshop schedule:

  • Theory ~ 50 mins

  • Coffee ~ 10 mins

  • Practical ~1 hr 20 min

  • Conclusion ~ 10 mins


At the end of the workshop you will understand:

1) The anatomy of the knee - its structure and function

2) The common pathologies associated with the knee

3) The necessary diagnostic tests of knee pain

4) Techniques for treating the knee



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