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Understanding the  growth and development of the hip joint is critical to understanding its pathophysiology. Furthermore, lumbar spine and knee pain are often a direct result of hip dysfunctuion.  


This workshop aims to familiarise practitioners with the hip's structure and function so that they can more effectivley diagnose and treat the hip and its surrounding joints.


The theoretical part of this workshop emphasises the physiological changes of the hip from birth, infancy, puberty through to old-age. This is critical to understanding its pathology.  


In the practical session we will learn how to observe, examine, diagnose and treat the hip and its musculature.  


Workshop schedule:

  • Theory ~ 50 mins

  • Coffee ~ 10 mins

  • Practical ~1 hr 20 min

  • Conclusion ~ 10 mins


At the end of the lecture you will:

  • Understand the anatomy of hip in relation to its function.

  • Understand the developmental changes of the hip joint in relation to pathology.

  • Differentially diagnose hip pain.

  • Examine, palpate and treat the hip joint.










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